Core Pump 2.0

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The no strain kite pump with unique Sand Guard filter

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Core Pump 2.0
48,00 €
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CORE Pump 2.0

The no strain kite pump with unique Sand Guard filter

The CORE Pump 2.0 is re-invented! Although our shiny new black pump features a longer barrel, ergonomic hand grips, a fatter hose and a redesigned base, its biggest innovation hides inside. Internal pump friction is virtually eliminated and our "Sand Guard" air filter prevents internal kite damage from sand inhalation. Although our kites do not need an adapter, we included one anyways for those "other" kites. Check out the innovations we built into this pump:

  1. No strain pumping
    Save your energy for the water. Innovative materials, seals and piston coatings have virtually created a frictionless pump. We even increased the diameter of the hose outlet to increase airflow and reduce pump strain.
  2. Sand Guard
    Sand belongs on the beach, not in your kite. So we built a foam air inlet filter into the handle. Why, you ask? To prevent sneaky sand from damaging your kite bladders and reducing pump efficiency.
  3. Single to double stroke inflation switch
    More pressure with the turn of a knob. The last few pumps are always the hardest with a 2 way pump. So we decided to give you the option to switch from traditional double stroke to single stroke pumping for the last bit of air.
  4. Digitally calibrated pressure gauge
    Perfect pressure every time without guessing. The new digitally calibrated pressure gauge has a simple colour coded scale to make precise inflation a breeze.
  5. Longer barrel, longer stroke for more air volume
    We extended the barrel a few centimeters from the previous model to provide a more upright pumping posture. The additional length also increases pump volume with each stroke. Your back will thank you.
  6. Ergonomic grips
    Our longer, wider ergonomic grips make pumping a breeze. The grips contour to your palm and fingers so you can leverage your body weight without leaving marks.
  7. Heavy duty pump tether with a nifty hook
    Pumps are often neglected. So we built our new CORE Pump 2.0 to last. We even doubled the thickness of the tether and installed an oversized hook. Because we understand.

Finally, a pump made for real life.

Check out the website for an animation:

Produttore: CORE
Categoria: SUP
Codice articolo: KIT001891UU
Sesso‍: Unisex
Sport‍: Stand Up