Poc 40802 Opsin Clarity Comp hydrogen white/spektris blue

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OpsinClarity Comp hydrogen white/spektris blue

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OpsinClarity Comp hydrogen white/spektris blue

The Opsin Clarity Comp ski goggles are designed to inspire trust in vision in competition settings.

The goggles are designed for the very high speeds of ski racing and feature Clarity Comp lenses, developed in collaboration with optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss. The cylindrical double lenses feature tints created to enhance contrast and vision for short periods of intensity, where nothing less than perfect sight will do.

The cylindrical lens shape is optimized for a very wide field of view with minimal distortion. The lenses are easily interchangeable, meaning that any user can simply and quickly switch to the right lens for prevailing conditions.

Geschlecht: Männer Frauen Unisex
Sport: Ski/Skitour Snowboard
Farbe: Blau Weiss