Poc 10103 Obex Spin Helmet Helm Casco fluorite green

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Obex Spin Helmet fluorite grün

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Obex Spin Helmet fluorite green

Precise and fully adjustable ventilation can be altered to meet individual needs and weather conditions. Sliding vent covers allow the user to open or close helmet ventilation based on their own comfort whilst integrated vents at the front of the helmet allow air to flow through goggles, preventing fogging and keeping clear vision. An interior size-adjustment system allows a user to find an ideal fit without needing to change pads and the design has been optimized for a seamless fit and compatibility with POC goggles.

Geschlecht: Männer Frauen Unisex
Sport: Ski/Skitour
Farbe: Grün Türkis
Ski Typ: Zubehör Piste