Poc 10105 Obex Spin Comunication Helm uranium Schwarz

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Obex Spin Comunication Helm uranium Schwarz

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Obex Spin Comunication Helm uranium black

The Obex SPIN provides adaptable protection for a variety of styles of skiing and snowboarding. Constructed with an EPS liner, PC Shell and ABS top shell, the Obex is lightweight, making it ideal for all-day use. An interior size-adjustment system allows a user to find an ideal fit without needing to change pads. Sliding vent covers allow the wearer to open or close helmet ventilation based on their own comfort and prevailing weather conditions. Integrated vents at the front of the helmet allow air to evacuate from goggles, thereby preventing fogging.
Includes Obex communication headset.

Geschlecht: Männer Frauen
Sport: Ski/Skitour
Farbe: Schwarz