Phenix 982OB60 Willow Jet Pants W bk

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Phenix Willow Jet Pants

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Phenix Willow Jet Pants

  • Phenix 20,000mm , 10,000mm: A high performance fabric developed through extensive researches. Phenix 20,000mmH2O and Phenix 10,000mmH2O provides superior water-proofness, wind-proofness and breathability to keep us dry under the harshest conditions.
  • 4-way Stretch: Stretch for Maximum Mobility and Superior Silhouette. We introduce the 4-way Stretch fabric, which enhances higher mobility and flexibility for your better performance. This 4-way Stretch fabric allows us to provide you collections with superior silhouette and maximum mobility. We're sure that you would enjoy this new special garment on the slope.
  • Ergonomic Design: Carefully patterned by its R&D Center, Phenix's ergonomically designed skiwears give maximum freedom of movement.
  • 4-way Stretch Taffeta 3L (NY 85%, PU 15%, [PE 97%, PU 3%])

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Farbe: Schwarz