Crazyidea 095103U T Shirt Ampere M 03bl gray bluet

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The t-shirt Ampere is characterized by strength and breathability

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CrazyIdea T-Shirt Ampere Man

The t-shirt Ampere is characterized by strength and breathability. It has a combination of different fabrics: elastic microfibre, microperforated mesh on the flanks and reflective inserts on the shoulders , makes it an extremely versatile and durable product, even for warmer temperatures.
  • Bi-stretch fabric, breathable with UV protection
  • Quick drying
  • Flat seams
  • Flanks made with extra breathable mesh
  • Reflective inserts on shoulders

Geschlecht: Männer Unisex
Bekleidung: Kurzarm-Shirt
Farbe: Blau