Atomic 2019 AA0027354 Backland 102 WMN Ski

Artikelnummer: SK0959

The Atomic Backland 102 is a powder-charging backcountry ski for women – with a great weight-performance ratio.

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Atomic Backland 102 W

The Atomic Backland 102 is a backcountry ski that's light, floaty in the pow but also versatile enough to deliver top performance on hard pack (and one that looks as good as it feels too). With a 102mm waist it's our widest Backland ski for women. With a Powder Rocker that's big in the tip and smaller in the tail it's a great powder piece. But it's also super light thanks to a Light Woodcore and the Carbon Backbone which runs over the entire length of the ski. And the Cap Sidewall makes it stable enough for groomers, so it's really versatile. Add new Shift bindings and Multifit Rocker Skins and you've got a superb Freeride Touring ski for women.

Tech Features:
  • Light Woodcore
  • Carbon Backbone
  • Cap Sidewall
  • Powder Rocker 20/70/1

Geschlecht: Frauen
Farbe: Blau Weiss
Ski Typ: Freeride