Roces 30604 Minicruiser yellow/blue

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Kategorie: Fun-, Skate- & Longboards

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Roces Minicruiser MC1

Perfektes Funboard für Kinder!

MC1 Yellow-Light blue is the minicruiser that stand out for its ease of travel and manoeuvrability.
Minicruiser MC1 is equipped with 22.5x6" plastic board of high quality pp. Thanks to wheels 60x45mm-78a pu casted and 3.25" heavy duty aluminium truck, it is the perfect choice for guys who want to cruise around on your campus, to the beach, through traffic, in parking lots and even great for travelling.


  • Colour: yellow/light blue 22.5x6" plastic board, high quality pp
  • Shape: flat / kicktail
  • Wheel: 60x45mm pu casted,78a
  • Truck: 3.25" Heavy duty aluminium truck
  • Bearing: abec-5 chrome
  • Cushion: pu casted soft hr90a

Board Typ: Funboard