Nobile 2017 NHP Women Kiteboard complete SIZE 132cm

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NHP Women
NHP WMN is a top-class women's board which includes all of
Nobile's best technologies. Through continuous improvements
and tests performed by our best female riders, we have managed
to create this exceptional board designed for freestyle and big air
without compromising on comfort and upwind performance. Thanks
to the magic we call Pre-Stress technology we have succeeded
in achieving the exceptional properties of this board. This entails
stretching the wood fibres and strengthening them with glass fibres
whilst in their outstretched form. You can't see it with the naked eye
but you will definitely feel it in the water. The board gains improved
torsion resistance which results in perfect upwind abilities and
massive pop for jumps. The board is also “loaded” with inner energy
which, combined with properly refined flex engineering, guarantees
low weight, reactivity and soft landings. NHP WMN performs like
a spring, even with small pops, while the Hydrodynamic Rocker
technology makes every tack a pleasure. From the first jumps to
the faster ride - NHP WMN is a great board which you will find
it very hard to part with. The construction combines Elliptical
Concave - giving the freedom of manoeuvres and fantastic upwind
performance - with Double Concave Tips Channels which, together
with Pre-Stress technology, guarantees the perfect ride track, jump
solidity and landing perfection. Especially designed Hydrodynamic
Rocker also ensure massive pop during jumps, then the rocker
combined with the custom-tailored flex gives you exceptional
comfort. The especially designed asymmetric shape with extended
backside edge allows easier and more effective curves. The NHP
board is perfect for freestyle, big air and fast tacks. It performs well
in any conditions, from flat through to choppy conditions with small

For whom:
For advanced female riders looking for an exceptional, big air, freestyle board without compromising on comfort and upwind performance. Designed to ride with straps.

  • Generous rocker guarantees comfort on chop and exceptional board agility.
  • Double concave provides hard edging and keeps you on the
  • track steadily.
  • Improved Pre-Stress technology promotes the outstanding edge grip, pop and strengthens reactivity.
  • Stance and flex adjusted to women’s needs.

Flex (1-10): 7
Rocker line: Hydrodynamic
Bottom construction: Hybrid CONCAVE (Elliptical CONCAVE + Double CONCAVE channels)

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