Nobile 2017 Flying Carpet Kiteboard 160x46 complete

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Flying Carpet
This is the board that proves its worth on low-wind days. While creating it, we had one goal in our minds: it must possess all of the features and performance of a regular twin-tip board. Wavy Channels system as well as an asymmetrical shape ensure perfect edge grip and great upwind performance, while the Flat Continuous Rocker lets you reach high speeds on flat water. This board will be appreciated by anyone who rides on lakes, low-wind spots and in schools, as it is ideal for the first tacks. It will prove itself in all situations where the bigger riding surface is needed (so it is also a great board for bigger riders). The exceptional characteristics of this board have been achieved through the use of our Pre-Stress technology which stretches the wood fibres and combines them with glass fabrics. Due to this the board gains better torsion resistance which translates into great upwind abilities and pop for jumps. Pre-Stress maintains energy within the board which, combined with perfectly chosen flex engineering, ensures low weight, responsiveness and exceptionally soft landings. The unique combination of these properties enables you to continue performing your best freestyle moves when riding on the Flying Carpet. 

For whom?
For those who ride in lakes and in low-wind conditions, as well as for schools.

  • High performance light-wind board.
  • APS technology maintains the right torsion.
  • Airlight core minimizes the board’s weight.
  • Dynamic asymmetric shape.

Flex (1-10): 6
Rocker line: Flat Continuous
Bottom construction: Wavy Channels system

Kategorie: Boards
Artikelnummer: FBL3018UU
Kite Style‍: Lightwind Freeride

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