Moses Foil Package Vorace 101 Sport + Board T60

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Moses Foil Package

T60 Carbon

The T60 board was developed with the aim to o er more buoyancy.. An improved buoyancy makes it easier to start and have better control at low speed. It is achieved with 60mm thickness and a larger width. Bigger dimensions lead to a better compromise between strength and weight. The right mix of carbon ber and PVC foam allows to have the requested strength and maintain light weight. Thickness is chosen to keep agility in free ride and wave use. Stability, control and comfort are kept with adjustable footstraps, high grip footpad and the four holes to join Silente hydrofoil in the best position. The shape helps to take the board into the water.

Dimensions: 1440x470x60 mm
Stance: 520 - 670 mm
Weight: 3,2 kg (without footstraps)

Vorace 101 Sport
Our aim is to make a foil for riders’ needs: speed, stability and stiffness.
The Vorace SPORT is the perfect choice for all the riders that want to have a compact hydrofoil, very stable, fast and easy to control.

Base plate joint 90x165mm
Mast height: 1010mm

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