Majesty N29 Surplus JR Ski

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Majesty Surplus Junior

The JS surplus are all terrain new school designed especially for young shoots that rise, at home in the park sessions, rails and half-pipe. As for outputs Backcounrty. Multi track they cut curves without hesitation. In short they are equipped to do everything.
  • Double Layer Woodcore: two kinds of wood provide perfect flex and extreme durability.
  • Cat-Back Profile: to take off whith more power and land whith much more confidence.
  • Carbon-Cevlar Fiber Stringers: fiber stringers from tip to tail give increased pop and long life flex.
  • Durable Base IS 4400: the unusual thick and race specific base is a perfect mix of durability and speed.
  • 90' ABS Sidewall: the toughest construction that keeps your edges stronger and safer.
  • Shock Absorbers: tips, tail and binding section have extra protection for core structure.
  • Versality: need to change skis leaving park or BC? Not anymore!

Ski Typ: Freestyle