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Liquid Force 2012 Luxury
pure comfort

Stabilizing the back for long sessions of hard- charging kiting, the Luxury features the finest in comfort and support. Featuring extra padding and a higher waist, the Luxury is the recliner of kiteboarding. Infused with ergonomic lumbar support for unwavering stability, get ready for the longest, most comfortable sessions of your life with the Luxury.

With more padding, and a higher waist, the Luxury provides the ultimate in comfort while kiting. Let pain and discomfort be a thing of the past, and enjoy the longest, most comfortable sessions of your life. This is a lounge chair for kiteboarding.

session support Back pain after kiting? It's a thing of the past with the Luxury. The molded interior lumbar support provides the ultimate in stability at no ex- pense in comfort. Brace your back to withstand long, arduous sessions of hard kiting by using the Luxury. Size : S | M | L | XL | Luxury Features 3D thermoformed, providing lightweight and comfortable riding support even when wet. Intergraded pre-curved ergonomic spreader bar pad. This LF original feature provides su- perior comfort and support. Liquid Force Rash Guard Technology. Ex- tra soft neoprene panels on the hip contact points that prevent chafe. Controlled Flex design that disperses the pull of the spreader bar throughout the entire harness. Mid profile outline designed to fit and sit per- fectly on the lower back yet provide a wider back platform for longer session comfort. Removable Spreader bar hold down strap that keeps the spreader bar in place for free- style and hang-time comfort. Spreader bar Quick clip allows rapid entry and re- moval of the harness. Effortless strap adjustment geometry for easy sin- gle hand tightening of the spreader bar, even while riding. If you are one of those lucky riders who get to rip everyday and are hard on your gear, LF has your back with replaceable spreader bar straps included with the harness.