F-one 2014 Signature + Foture Fins Quattro

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The boards of the SIGNATURE series come from our kitesurfing experience and have been redesigned over the years to evolve along with kiting in the waves. This year the shape of the top deck was redesigned to include the CAMEL DECK. This feature allows an increase in volume along the center line of the board while keeping the heel low to optimize control. For the same outline it is impressive to see how much more flotation and stability is added to the surfboard.

The New 6'0 is designed with the new "Compact Shapes" outline that offer the best stability / maneuverability rati . The two boards in the SIGNATURE line up have a very similar feel and F-ONE opted for a square tail on both models. The advantages of the square tail over the swallow give the rider the possibility to get into the curve with more ease and the ability to put more weight on the tail to drive it through turns.

The rails were made a bit thicker and rounder towards the nose therefore increasing stability to be more forgiving and allow the rider to put more weigh forwards. Compact, Stable, responsive, and well balanced any rider will feel the craftsman's ship that went into these boards regardless of the wind and wave conditions. They can adapt to any conditions, they are able to carve long lines or short quick turns without any major adjustments. The rider can focus on the wave knowing that the board will perform. The board will go wherever you take it and will never hold you back.

While riding strapless they complement well the Mitu Monteiro Line because of their narrower shape and will adapt very well to the high winds and choppy waves that are often found in Europe. The front pad is longer to give riders the possibility to have a wider stance. They are also both equipped with the CAMEL DECK and side grooves to grab the rails.

Both SIGNATURE boards are setup in a quatro fin setup to make them responsive and have a solid grip on the wave when carving.

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