F-One 2016 Signature Quattro Kite Waveboard SIZE 5.10

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F-one 2016 Signature

The SIGNATURE boards are designed for pure surfing with a shape that comes out of a long evolution of our kite surfboards.

With the CAMEL DECK shape, the volume has been maximized in the middle sections of the boards before fading out towards to tail to keep heel of the rear foot as low as possible for a better control. The new HEEL SHOCK ABSORBER featured on deck makes sure all impacts feel softer for the rider and increases the board durability.

The rail is thick and rounded towards the nose to make the board more forgiving with more stability and support from the front sections. Switching from one rail to the other is quick and simple as the board enters the turns with ease, gaining also more maneuverability with its new round pin tail.

The two boards making the range have the same shape and feel on the water. With its added volume and lift, the 6'0 is more forgiving while the 5’10 is more radical, enabling you to carve the most radical turns and rollers with a more compact board under your feet.

Compact, stable and responsive the SIGNATURE boards are made for surfing in any kind of waves or conditions, benefiting from their well balanced and really intuitive shape. These boards are able to carve short turns as well as long and fast curves effortlessly. Surfing becomes such a pleasure when you can focus on the waves and not on how to get your board moving. Just look ahead, these boards will follow !

For strapless riding the SIGNATURE complements the Mitu MONTEIRO range for those looking for a narrower board or for the typical stormy European conditions with a steep chop.

The pad extends a long way forward specifically for riding strapless with a wider stance.

The SIGNATURE boards are equipped with a quattro fin setup for maximum pivoting ability and a perfect grip even when carving aggressively.

A 100% surfing shape
New progressive rocker evolving from a simple concave in the front half to a V at the fins
Round tail outline
More versatility for all types of waves
Better balanced
Better rail to rail transition
Carving machine
Size  5’8’’   5’10’’
Dimensions  172 x 46 cm   177 X 46 cm
Volume  21 L  22 L
Weight  3.3 kg*  3.4 kg*

How many surfers have broken boards and wished they could replace it with a new one and get the same sensations they are used too?

Mitu once asked me:

Raph, can you try this board and make me the same one; it feels really good under my feet

I went out and tested this strapless board and was astonished by the control and sensations that the board gave me.
After a few runs, I started analyzing what was giving me this sensation of control.
I realized that my front foot was nestled in a heel dent and that my arch was fully supported on the rounded deck.

I could see that Mitu had spent so many hours on the board, that it had taken the shape of his foot.

I then understood that I needed to make a board with the top deck pre-shaped to get this sensation on a new board.

With its unique design, the CAMEL DRIVE DECK will offer multiple advantages: It will lower and stabilize the heel of the surfer and lock its arch on a rounded center line.
It will improve stability, maneuverability and increase the rider’s board control in any conditions.

The introduction of this new construction represents a major change into the F-ONE surfboard range: the two Key products (MITU MONTEIRO & SIGNATURE) are now dispensed with bamboo.

To face the ever higher constrains applied by the riders on their surfkites, F-ONE has engineered a new foam composite construction with optimized flex, for maximum reliability, comfort and maneuverability.

The mechanical characteristics achieved by this construction provide a lighter weight and a perfect surfboard feel.

The deck has been recessed by 5 mm on a wide area underneath the front foot in order to add an EVA shock absorbing foam layer.

This foam layer absorbs effectively all impacts for the rider and makes the board even more durable.

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