Elan 2017 Himalaya BC Touring Ski flat SIZE 180

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With a wide performance range, this ski is perfect for skiers who don‘t want to stress about snow conditions. So even if a tour includes varied conditions, steep descents, and exposed couloirs, the Himalaya can handle it. Now featuring GruvLite Technology, the Himalaya is lighter than ever, which makes the ascent even easier and pushes the boundaries of accessible terrain. This ski also has SST Sidewalls, a Laminated Woodcore, and Fiberglass for solid lightweight construction that can conquer any peak.

  • Gruvlite
  •     SST Sidewall
  •     Fibreglass
  •     Mountain Rocker Profile
  •     Laminated Woodcore

Geometry: 134/96/113

Profile: Mountain Rocker


System/Plate: Flat

Recommended Length: -5/+5

Kategorie: Skitouren Ski
Artikelnummer: SK0789U180
Ski Typ‍: Skitouring

GruvLite is a linear weight reduction technology that is applied to a traditional wood core. By reducing the core’s material volume through this innovative technique we are able to reduce weight without sacrificing stability, edge grip, flotation or any other performance element.

Moderate tip rocker and lifted rocker tail for better floatation, easier turn initiation and maneuvering in varied snow conditions. Combined with slight camber it delivers great turning and stability on groomed slopes.

Vertically placed ABS material above the edges from the tip to tail of the ski provides rapid and direct power transmission from the skiers’ feet to the edges and increases torsional stability for superior control and acceleration going from turn to turn.

Positioned either above or below the ski core, the Fibreglass reinforcement optimizes the ?ex pattern and enhances torsional stiffness.

This tip-to-tail Laminated Woodcore is specially shaped for each model and size. Using different wood types in various combinations allows for the adjustment of the flex pattern for different types of performance. This extremely responsive and highly durable wood core transmits power directly to the edges and excels on various slope conditions


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