Dynafit 48408 Speedskin Seven Summits 2015 SIZE 148

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Dynafit 48408 Speedskin Seven Summits 2015 SIZE 148
160,00 €
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Introducing Dynafit's entirely reworked skin. A technical breakthrough prevents undesirable snow build-up while also providing excellent gliding and climbing qualities. A special middle membrane stops water from being absorbed and improves the skin's edge seals. The skins are tear  resistant and do not wrinkle easily. The Dynafit Stretch System provides the ideal attachment between skin and ski tail. Snow and ice is prevented from getting under the skin, which is tightly wrapped around the tip. FreerideTourers, SkiTourers and SkiRunners all realize their common dream: top performance, great traction, lightweight, and long gliding skins.

Dynafit Speedskins are available for all Dynafit skis.

Speedskin Race Ready DY.N.A
Speedskin Race Ready PDG
Speedskin Broad Peak
Speedskin Nanga Parbat
Speedskin Cho Oyu
Speedskin Se7en Summits
Speedskin Baltoro
Speedskin Baltoro Women
Speedskin Mustagh Ata Superl.
Speedskin Manaslu
Speedskin Manaslu Women
Speedskin Grand Teton
Speedskin Huascaran

128g (160cm)
128g (160cm)
202g (167cm)
202g (167cm)
202g (167cm)
208g (170cm)
225g (167cm)
225g (167cm)
244g (178cm)
250g (178cm)
250g (178cm)
340g (182cm)
390g (177cm)


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164, 173, 182, 191
Freeride Touring

Manufacturer: DYNAFIT
Category: Skins skitour
SKU: SKT0231SIZ148