Cabrinha 2018 Drifter Kiteonly

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Speziell entwickelt für Fahrer, die das Wave-Kiten und Surf Freestyle lieben.

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The all-new design of the Drifter preserves its legendary drift stability while widening its range of use. With a new lighter bar pressure option and Onshore and Offshore settings, the Drifter performs in any and all surf conditions. And when it comes to surf freestyle the Drifter gives you the pop and control needed to perform at the highest level.

  • 3 Struts, Hybrid Design
  • geöffnetes Wing Tip Design
  • 2 Bridle Einstellmöglichkeiten
  • Überarbeitete Shapes von Bogen Outline und Profil
  • All New design for 2018
  • New High Tenacity Dacron enhances the arc stability
  • New Pure Profile Panels
  • Refined profile alignment for superior power delivery
  • Light bar pressure with direct and responsive handling
  • Enhanced “Pop” for freestyle tricks
  • Best “Slack Line Drift” on the market
  • Excellent for surf freestyle
  • Exclusive Onshore and Offshore tuning options
  • Quick power and depower response
  • Amazing relaunch

Kite Style: Surf Wave Freestyle


Cabrinha 2018 Drifter Kite