Brunotti 2016 Bomb 4.8 Kitesurfboard incl. Finns

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Das ultimative strapless multifun Board

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Brunotti Bomb Strapless Wave Foam Board

Das ultimative strapless multifun Board

Being able to go out with light wind, catch some waves, try new tricks, and fall on it... without braking it directly! Our completely new developed soft-top multifun board offers all of this. The unique construction of this board offers great performance while still being able to cope with the abuse of learning to ride strapless or trying new tricks. The double stringer, bamboo deck reinforcement and softtop cover provide a perfect combination of strength, dura- bility and weight. The durability of the board even includes the fins, soft enough to withstand braking, hard enough to go upwind. Apart from that the full bottom is covered with a soft but fast bottom protector, making sure speed and durability go hand in hand.