Brunotti 2015 Jade Kiteboard complete

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Brunotti 2015 Jade Kiteboard complete with Pads + Straps + Finns
New for 2015: Lighter, ADR-Tech.

The Jade product range is an easy to start board, with the capabilities to take a rider's kiteboarding progression to the next level. The board is slightly smaller, and with more flex than the Onyx, which makes it a perfect for women . The single concave bottom shape and long square outline are especially designed to track upwind easily. Together with the reduced weight of the board, this creates optimal low wind capabilities.

To make the board easy to control we incorporated our reflex rocker, cruise base, and ADR-tech in a single package. It will give you the confidence to learn new tricks and provide you with a platform to improve as much as you can. We recommend using the High Performance Pads and Straps with this board, to extract the maximum amount of performance.