Brunotti 2014 YZ 134x40 Kiteboard

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We worked very hard last year to improve this already proven freestyle board. We tested new flex patterns, new outlines, and new bottom shapes.

To cope with the extra weight of the boots that a lot of freestylers use, we have reduced the weight of the new Youri Pro. Apart from that we have added two new heel, and toe side channels. These will give you all the grip you need when landing a trick at full speed.

The lighter weight of the board doesn't mean we have been giving up any of its durability. It's even the other way around! We have pushed ourselves and have made our "Boot Proof" inserts even stronger. With specially designed insert packs we have pushed the maximum pulling strength of the Youri Pro inserts to almost 650 kilo's for every insert. We also gave the tips of the new 2014 Youri Pro a different glass lay-up. This makes the tips a bit more forgiving, which helps you to learn new tricks. Apart from this the board still has his stiffness and strength which makes the Youri Pro such a good freestyle board.

Apart from all of this the board still has got all the proven features. This board has one of the hardest pop on the market, due to the stiff pop tips you will have more than enough time to perform all your new-school tricks. The quad channels in this board provide massive grip while the triple concave gives the board exceptional stability. Together with the straight outline and power rocker, it gives the Youri Pro kiteboard massive speed, and easy/early planning capabilities. The massive grip can be difficult with landings, therefore we fitted it with a smooth and thick sidewalls and a trick base, providing easy landings from even the most extreme jumps .

The Youri Pro kiteboard, a pure freestyle board, huge pop and great speed, just like Youri's style.
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