Brunotti 2014 Pure Wave 5 5.8 incl. Finns

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Brunotti 2014 Pure Wave 5 5.8 incl. Finns
699,00 €


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Want to play in the waves, without straps and with a real surfboard feeling? Then this is the perfect board to get you going.

Our designer Jinne Sietsma shaped this surfboard specifically for small or medium to big waves. The special thumbtail shape gives the board tremendous stability while still allowing quick, pivot-style turning. Due to the wider shape of the board, the added volume allows for riding with a small kite or lighter winds.

Last year we tested a lot of boards and constructions in order to improve the durability of our waveboards. All of our 2014 waveboards will come with a new and specially developed high strength finbox reinforcements. This makes our finboxes significantly stronger than the once of our competitors. Apart from that we also switched to a new core material for our 2014 waveboards. This material is both stiffer, harder and tougher. This gives our waveboards more response while riding, and makes them much stronger for a longer lasting life.

Surfboards need additional durability, hence we reinforced the standing area in the board with bamboo. To give the rider more control, we shaped a concave tail deck which provides more grip and control while riding. And last but not least, the tri fin setup makes sure you have the needed grip. If you want a surfboard to play around in light winds, or hit some nice first waves. Than this is your board! But remember, this is a surfboard, made for surfing, with or without a kite. It is not made for jumping, and therefore we do not warranty our Pure wave boards.

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